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Armed & Unarmed Secure Road Transportation

Black Ops Couriers - Moving Your High Value Assets

High Value Asset Transportation Spain

Security convoy & secure transportation for high value goods/ assets in Spain. Our security operatives are providing armed & unarmed escort services for road transportation of extremely high value items.

We offer all levels of road shipping for high value assets - inside Spain and from Spain across Europe to any destination of the clients choice.

If you have high value items in Ibiza, Marbella, Madrid or Barcelona and you are concerned about their safety, we can transport them by road to a safe location anywhere in Europe.

  • Discrete or secretive transportation courier by road.
  • Armed convoy escort services.
  • Armed Special Police escort for vehicles carrying high value assets.
  • Armed / unarmed security team escorting vehicles.
  • Security courier personnel transporting small items.
  • Luxury vehicle transportation & relocation.

  • Due to the sensitive nature of this service, we will not discuss this service with agencies, middlemen or facilitators. Details of our service, methods, routes and other sensitive information will only be discussed directly with the owner of the high value assets being transported.

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