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Villa Robberies in Ibiza

  • Knowing who is breaking into villas, knowing who is assisting them, and knowing how they operate... this helps us provide Ibiza's most effective security at high-end properties.​


  • Diplomat Protection Group® is the only private security team operating 365 days of the year in Ibiza. Our Mediterranean headquarters is based here, and having a busy all-year-round operation means we have a deeper understanding of which criminal gangs are active and their preferred methods of entry.


  • Our professional villa guards have experience within complex hostile environments - they have the ability to provide a robust, effective layer of security.


  • We have a 100% success rate guarding large villas & private estates here in Ibiza & Mallorca. We guarantee that villas under our protection will not experience break-ins.


  • 2022 was our 25th year of security operations here in Ibiza.  , villa security ibiza, villa security guard ibiza, villa security service ibiza, villa security guard service ibiza, private security service ibiza,

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