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The Pitfalls of Hiring Security Services through Middlemen in Ibiza:

A Closer Look at Bodyguards, Personal Protection, and Villa Security Guards

In the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza, the need for high quality security services for UHNW visitors and celebrity residents is paramount. However, a concerning trend has emerged where clients, seeking private security, often turn to middlemen [concierge / villa agency] to facilitate the hiring process. While this may seem like a convenient solution, there are inherent problems associated with this practice [in Ibiza] that can compromise the safety and security of the client, particularly when it comes to hiring specialized services such as bodyguards for their personal protection, and villa security guards. One of the most significant issues is the substantial profit margin taken by middlemen, leaving only a fraction of the client's payment for hiring professional security personnel. This article explores the pitfalls of hiring security services through middlemen in Ibiza, with a focus on the specific risks associated with hiring bodyguards, personal protection, and villa security guards in this manner...

The Profit Margin Predicament:

Clients and offshore Concierge seeking specialized security services such as bodyguards, personal protection, and villa security guards through middlemen based in Ibiza may be unaware that a substantial portion of their payment is retained by these intermediaries as their profit margin. This leaves the remaining budget inadequate to secure the services of seasoned and professional security personnel in these specific roles. The consequence of this financial distribution is a compromise in the quality of security provided, as the funds are often insufficient to engage experienced, highly skilled professionals in the fields of personal protection and villa security. This practice often leads to the client being exposed to the very risks they are paying to avoid.

Substandard Security Services for Personal Protection:

Hiring personal protection, including professional bodyguards / close protection, is a critical aspect of security in Ibiza, especially for high-profile (at-risk) individuals. However, the financial constraints imposed by middlemen can lead to the engagement of substandard personal protection services. Amateurs lacking specialized training and top-level experience do not possess the skillset required to handle the nuanced and often delicate nature of personal protection, putting clients at an increased risk despite the perceived security measures in place.

Villa Security Guards: A Vulnerable Front:

Ibiza's lavish villas often host the island's highest profile visitors, and hiring highly capable security guards for these properties is essential. Organized crime gangs who target these villas are genuine experts with a high success rates! To prevent villa robberies you need experts who specialize in securing high end villas in Ibiza. Engaging villa security guards through middlemen can expose clients to significant risks. Inadequate funds will result in the recruitment of underqualified personnel, leaving these exclusive properties vulnerable to breaches, unauthorized access, and other security threats that can compromise the safety of the clients.

The Importance of Direct Engagement for Specialized Services:

To mitigate the risks associated with hiring bodyguards, personal protection, and villa security guards in Ibiza, clients are strongly urged to consider direct engagement with reputable security teams specializing in these services. Direct contact allows clients to allocate their entire budget to hiring professionals with the specific expertise needed for these roles, ensuring the highest standard of protection. By eliminating the middleman, clients and offshore concierge can establish direct communication with security experts, discuss their unique requirements, and tailor security services to the specific needs of personal protection and villa security.


While the allure of convenience may tempt clients to hire specialized security services through middlemen in Ibiza, the inherent pitfalls of this practice, particularly for hiring personal bodyguards and villa security guards, cannot be ignored. The substantial profit margins retained by intermediaries compromise the quality of these critical security services, exposing clients to the risks and scams that target wealthy tourists here in Ibiza. To ensure the safety and security of high-profile individuals and exclusive villas in Ibiza, clients are advised to bypass middlemen and engage directly with a reputable security team specializing in VIP bodyguards and villa security. Only through direct contact can clients secure the expertise and professionalism needed to navigate the unique security challenges of Ibiza's dynamic and exclusive environment.

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About Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza

"In 2007 we first identified the connection between the island's middlemen and the steady growth of black market, low quality and amateur manpower services. We immediately ceased all collaborations with island-based middlemen to protect our reputation as an elite security contact. With no financial dependence on Ibiza's concierge industry, we are free to speak openly about the negative effects they have on the islands professional workforce, local businesses, and the islands residents"


Diplomat Protection Group® has been operational around the Mediterranean coastline, jet-set resorts and coastal Cities since 1997. Our HQ is strategically positioned on the island of Ibiza, to focus on serving clientele in the Northern regions of Spain & the Balearic Islands.


D.P.G was founded by a group of former Government, Intelligence & Military assets who served together on Inter-Government operations in the Western Mediterranean zones. Together with hand-picked team members from Multi-National Special Forces groups, Tactical Response officers & Advanced VIP Bodyguards from the private sector - Diplomat Protection Group® TEAMS represents the top 1% in the Private Security Industry in Europe.


We are a 'result-focused' team of professional Bodyguards - protecting clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Ibiza is an Island with complex crime issues that specifically target HNW tourists, but there is also a trickle-down effect that affects island residents. It's reassuring for our clients that we have the experience and skillsets to foresee, identify & react to threats with a carefully-measured or overwhelming response.

We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting high-risk security operatives from credible, elite backgrounds - and teach them how to recalibrate their skills to unique, highly social environments like Ibiza. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our team members, we have been able to maintain an impressive track record for 26 years.

When clients are accustomed to hiring top level protection, D.P.G acts as the gateway to an elite security team who call Ibiza their home. Our services cannot be accessed via middlemen.


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