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We are the only private security team in Ibiza that offers a *GUARANTEE* of "No Break-ins" whilst our professional guards are on duty at your villa!

villa security guard Ibiza. No Break-ins Guaranteed

Our team has built a reputation for delivering Enhanced Security in a very discrete, calm & non-invasive manner. 

villa security guard Ibiza
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Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza

"Proud to be the only British Security Service with a permanent operation in Ibiza, Post-Brexit"

#1 Provider of Villa Security Guards in Ibiza

  • Diplomat Protection Group® is the only private security team operating 365 days of the year in Ibiza & Formentera. Our Mediterranean headquarters is based here, and having a busy all-year-round operation means we have a deeper understanding of which criminal gangs are active and their preferred methods of entry.


  • We know who is breaking into villas - we know who is assisting them, and we know how they operate... this helps us provide Ibiza's most effective security at high-end properties.​


  • Our professional villa guards have experience within complex hostile environments. We provide a robust layer of security that makes it impossible for criminals to approach your villa undetected.


  • 2023 was our 26th year of security operations here in Ibiza.

Best security company in Ibiza
English speaking security Ibiza
villa security guards ibiza

We are a team of Veteran Security Contractors based in Ibiza.

We GUARANTEE that villas under our protection will not experience break-ins whilst our guards are on duty!


When your 'security service' fails to protect your rental property - demand a refund & hire the EXPERTS with a 100% success rate protecting large villas & private estates in Ibiza!

360 degree intruder sensors

Our Villa Guard service also includes our own sensors that alerts our guards of intruders before they reach the main property.


360 degree alert system + our security professionals... No Break-ins GUARANTEED!

villa robberies Ibiza

It only took 6 minutes for thieves to break through this triple-layered safety glass, enter the master bedroom, remove the entire safety deposit box from a concrete wall - and escape... 


The robbery was recorded by the villas security cameras. It also recorded their "security guard" entering the poolside toilet - where he remained for 15 minutes during the robbery. He claims that he did not hear anything suspicious..


The client now understands that hiring low-cost security was a mistake. Now when he visits Ibiza he hires his security directly from Diplomat Protection Group®

Why are villas with 'Hi-Tech' security systems still being robbed?

Villa break-ins are a growing problem here in Ibiza - but this should not deter you from renting a private villa for your vacation.  Villa robberies are common because luxury properties don't have effective security in place.

  • Concierge, rental agencies & villa owners have historically under-estimated the criminal expertise of gangs targeting villas - applying ineffective security services for their clients.

  • Years of ineffective security measures has allowed criminal gangs to become EXPERTS at gaining access to properties that host wealthy guests.

Changing the way you hire additional security services can eliminate the possibility of a robbery at your villa.



Hi-Tech alarm systems are only effective when the human response is Fast and Capable. During the busy summer months - criminals have up to 1 hour before anyone from the alarm monitoring company arrives at the property. If you don't have highly trained security, reacting in real-time to intrusions  - your villa is an easy target for the criminals who specialize in this activity.

Professional criminals understand that amateur / low-cost security guards are no match for their Criminal Expertise.

  • When villa rental clients request additional security guards through their villa agent or concierge, it's common practice for middlemen to hire low-cost workers to maximise the agents profit margins.


  • You might be paying similar prices to ours, but local middlemen have been known to keep up to 50% of your payment - the remaining 50%  isn't enough to hire highly-skilled security who operate in Ibiza.


  • The widespread opinion within the criminal community is that villa security guards do not represent a robust defence against sophisticated robberies. The probability of professional thieves coming face-to-face with equally formidable security personnel is low in Ibiza, and attacks on amateur security guards are becoming more frequent during successful villa robberies.

  • Local Police forces are overwhelmed with controlling tourism-related issues in the busy towns during the summer months, and villa break-ins are extremely difficult to control in the countryside. This is why criminal gangs have turned their focus on villas & hotels outside the busy areas of the island..

  • There is a small community of Genuine Security Experts living in Ibiza, but they do not work with the islands middlemen. If your local concierge tells you to avoid using other service providers, it's not because they are low quality or untrustworthy... it's simply because middlemen don't have a 'profitable relationship' with top level security providers.

You don't need to be concerned about any of these problems when you hire our villa security service.


You're in direct contact with genuine, highly-trained professionals with more than 26 years operational experience in Ibiza.

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best security guard service in Ibiza
warning! Fake security in Ibiza

If you're not in direct contact with us
- you're
not being protected by us!

Diplomat Protection Group® is the leading authority on private security in Ibiza. You are communicating directly with Ibiza's premier private security team. Contacting us directly is the only way to be certain that you are being protected by our team.

Incredibly, we continue to discover imposters & middlemen attempting to use our name & reputation for financial gain.

To avoid any confusion:

  • Island-based Concierge / Villa agents / Middlemen are not authorised to accept bookings for services by Diplomat Protection Group®. Offshore concierge, clients or their P.A's can contact us directly to hire our services.


  • We do not collaborate with any local business offering security services in Ibiza. Beware of others claiming to be members of our team or promoting themselves as our 'preferred-partners'.


  • Our trusted International partners will connect you directly with our office so you can be certain that you are receiving our service.


  • Our security services can only be hired via our official websites.

Armed Villa Security Guard Service Ibiza

  • We create an environment where it's simply impossible for criminals to gain access to your villa undetected.


  • We guarantee our service.

  • Gangs who target hi-end villas in Ibiza are experts, and they should not be underestimated. Hiring top-level security guarantees an overwhelming tactical response to intruders!

  • We're here to make sure you avoid the various types of crime & hostility, whilst enhancing your Ibiza experience. Your privacy, your personal valuables, your important guests, your good name & professional reputation... it's our responsibility to ensure that everything & everyone is safe whilst you relax & enjoy your vacation.


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Not everyone needs this level of service, but for those who take their security & privacy seriously - we are here for you...



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