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about us: Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza

"There's no substitute for exceptional experience!"

26 years experience providing private security services in Ibiza, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Ibiza safe?

A: Ibiza is not as safe as it used to be. Unfortunately, organized crime follows wealth, and Ibiza is a jet-set destination that attracts many UHNW visitors during the summer months. High value crimes are prominent from June to September every season in Ibiza.

Q: What is crime like in Ibiza?

A: Specific crimes in Ibiza are a problem for certain visitors. Organized crime gangs target the UHNW community wherever they travel. High value watch thefts and villa robberies are reported on a weekly basis. 95% of visitors to Ibiza are not affected by these crimes - the top 5% of wealth are more likely to be exposed to scams & organized crime gangs operating in Ibiza. 

Q: How much does it cost to hire security in Ibiza?

A: The cost of hiring private security in Ibiza depends on many factors. Are you looking for personal protection or effective security for your villa? Prices can range from €40 to €60 per hour depending on who you hire and what type of service they are providing. The overall effectiveness of your security is also closely related to price.

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About Us:
Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza

Diplomat Protection Group® has been operational around the Western Mediterranean coastline, jet-set resorts and coastal Cities since 1997. With more than 26 years experience - we are a leading authority on Personal Protection & Private Security Services in Ibiza.


Our HQ is strategically positioned to focus on protecting clientele in the Balearic Islands & the Northern regions of Spain... and it's not uncommon to support clientele along the French Riviera and South to Marbella as part of a Mediterranean tour.


Alpine Operations


At the request of our clientele - in 2004 we launched our Winter program in the French Alpes (Courchevel). Adding former Military operators with advanced levels of Ski, Snowboarding & Advanced Alpine Driving skills - Diplomat Protection Group quickly established ourselves as a Top-Level Protection Team for all-seasons.


We are the 'go-to' security team for High-Society Families & Globally-Significant Individuals "Living the Dream" lifestyle.


As a team with Tier-1 British leadership - naturally, we travel to London with 'At-Risk' clientele from Spain. With the current crime issues in Central London - our Spanish speaking clientele find our bi-lingual ability - paired with City familiarity, is an essential factor when our Spanish clients visit the UK.

Elite Leadership


DPG was founded by a group of former Security-Intelligence, Tier-1 Military Assets & Advanced Private Sector Operators - all with previous joint-operational experience here in Spain. Together with hand-picked team members from multiple Special Forces units, Counter-Terrorism teams & Advanced VIP Bodyguards from the private sector - Diplomat Protection Group has represented the top 1% in the Private Security Industry for more than 26 years.

Disciplined & Highly Motivated


We are a 'result-focused' team of mature, professional Bodyguards - protecting clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Ibiza is an Island with complex issues that specifically target HNW tourists. We have such a deep connection & understanding of the island, and it's reassuring for our clients that we have the experience & appetite to identify & react to local threats with a carefully-measured response.

We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting high-risk security operatives from credible elite backgrounds, and help them recalibrate their skills to highly-social environments like Ibiza. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our team members, we have been able to maintain an impressive track record for 26 years.

When clients are accustomed to hiring top level protection, DPG serves as the gateway to the elite who operate within the local private security sector. Never underestimate the value of hiring local security experts.

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