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Ibiza Spain

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chauffeur security in Ibiza

1997 - 2024 Pioneers of the

Private Security Industry in Ibiza

Security Chauffeur  Ibiza | Driver Bodyguard in Ibiza

  • With traditional chauffeur service costs increasing every year in Ibiza, hiring security professionals as your private driver is now the most cost-effective way to have a full-time chauffeur in Ibiza. You could save €200 - €600 euros every day, depending on the model of vehicle you choose.​.

  • Our chauffeurs are genuine professionals who have worked in modern City environments. Many of our team are highly-trained security chauffeurs with advanced driver certification. Two of our top security chauffeurs also attended BMW's 'Protection Professional Training Course' prior to being assigned to the German Ambassador's residence in London.


  • We have access to prestige & exotic vehicles that aren't normally available as a chauffeured service. If you want to be driven in something more impressive than a Mercedes Minivan or S-Class... how about a G-Class Brabus 800 Widestar or a 2024 Range Rover Sport?

Security Chauffeur  Ibiza | Driver Bodyguard in Ibiza

If you require a private chauffeur for your visit to Ibiza, this option offers the benefit of 2 Professional Bodyguards & Chauffeur Service in a package that costs less than hiring each service independently.


Bodyguard No.2 is your driver - when he parks the vehicle he then joins Bodyguard No.1 - now you have 2 Security Experts escorting you & your group.


*Before you book a chauffeur service independently - compare the costs & benefits of our package.

Hiring a hand-picked VIP Minivan or Luxury SUV from our trusted partner and assigning one of our professional security as your driver can save as much as €600 every day. 

2 Bodyguards with 1 Luxury Vehicle
"our most popular option"

Diplomat Protection Group's Mobility Department operates a number of high-end vehicles purchased by our company and available exclusively to our clientele in Ibiza. We also have access to some really cool & interesting vehicles via our supply partner. Our chauffeur hire service in Ibiza is available as a stand-alone private driver ( or as an integral element of a comprehensive security solution.

Driver Bodyguard service in Ibiza

Security Chauffeur  Ibiza

Our Security Chauffeur service in Ibiza has become the default choice for clients requiring Ibiza's most reliable, professional and genuine VIP Chauffeur in Ibiza. We are an official private driver & driver-bodyguard service supplier to Ibiza's VIP 'Members-Only' Community - Luxe Prive Group Ibiza. Their members have extremely high standards and expect only the very best options. You will find Luxe Prive Members extremely happy to recommend our chauffeur service in Ibiza because we are a genuine luxury service supplier.

  • Criminal Record Checked Staff

  • Senior staff from superior backgrounds
  • In depth knowledge of Ibiza security risks
  • Charming, relaxed & confident staff
  • Superior operational experience in Ibiza
  • Happy to assist visiting security teams
  • Premium fleet of vehicles for clients
  • Professional security drivers
  • Multilingual with English 1st language
  • Smart clothes - professional image
  • 26yrs experience in Ibiza with VIP clients
  • 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Client Reviews


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