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"The most logical partnership in Ibiza"

Author: Jose @ THE RIDE Ibiza™

Finding other businesses in Ibiza that share my own values has always been challenging. THE RIDE Ibiza™ has fully embraced a "What's Best For The Client" philosophy that is rarely mirrored by other local industries. I often receive proposals to partner with other services in exchange for a commission % but I'm not driven primarily by profit... the very highest standards have to be met if I'm to consider recommending someone else's business.


Marcus @ Diplomat Protection Group® (DPG) has been a local business client of THE RIDE Ibiza™ since 2015. Their clients are ultra high profile and they need access to exceptional cars and a swift, professional booking process. It feels quite natural that DPG is one of our island-based business clients, and I always believed that our relationship would evolve. Often when I came in contact with DPG clients I would discreetly ask how things were going with the security team - and the response has always been extremely positive.


When one of my own high-profile clients asked me for help finding top-level security, I explained that I have not met anyone who had a bad experience with Diplomat Protection Group® - so the process was set in motion to bring them together. It was important to me that I monitored how things were going throughout the week, and to ask for his feedback at the end of his visit. This is what he said;


"Jose - you know I hire the best security wherever I go in the World and these guys (DPG) REALLY know what they are doing! I wasn't expecting this - but I'm VERY impressed! This relationship between 'The Ride' & 'Diplomat Protection Group' is the most logical partnership in Ibiza"



After this booking, Marcus explained that he was ready to discuss a formal relationship. Now that he knew I had my own client's evaluation of DPG, I could have 100% confidence in recommending them to 'The Ride' clients.


And so... 2023 is the year when THE RIDE Ibiza™ officially represents & recommends Diplomat Protection Group®

Here's what's on offer from Ibiza's "Most Logical Partnership"

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