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Professional Bodyguards Ibiza

World Class Close Protection Training
The History of Modern Bodyguarding

Modern day Close Protection & Bodyguarding skills were first developed by the British Special Forces - SAS Counter Revolutionary War Wing (CRW) in the mid 1970s. These skills were instantly in high demand by Britain's allies, many of whom requested SAS Close Protection (CP) training for their own 'Head-of-State' bodyguards.


In the mid 1980's, CRW team member 'John (Mal) Tombs' stepped into the full-time role of creating and refining what is still considered to be the 'Gold-Standard' Bodyguard training program. It remains widely adopted by Diplomatic Security Services & Special Forces Protection Teams around the World today.


John literally wrote the book: 'The Bodyguard Training Manual' - considered 'required-reading' for candidates entering the American Secret Service 'Presidential Protection' selection process.


With such high demand for this level of training from Governments & Organisations Worldwide, John Tombs created an independent training facility under the 'Professional Bodyguard Association (PBA) - which became the first Worldwide recognised Bodyguard License. It's prestige is still highly regarded today by those who adopted their training standards.

Monetisation of Industry Licenses

In the mid 2000's the UK Government led the way in regulating the Private Security Industry. Through political lobbying, and a desire to aggressively monetise the growing industry - new licensing requirements were applied to the British security industry. Existing Close Protection / Bodyguard training standards (PBA) were undermined, suffering dramatic dilution to allow for a higher pass-rate, steering thousands of security workers into a system of 'training programs' primarily designed for ongoing profitability for the Licensing Authority. Huge profits led to similar regulatory models being adopted around the World... private sector security standards were slowly eroded on an International scale.


In modern day terms - the International private security sector has become a victim of woke, political correctness - under the control of organizations focussed primarily on profitability.

It's important to note; the PBA (Professional Bodyguard Association) were approached by the UK Government, with a request to create a 'training program' for this transition to new Industry regulation in 2004 - but the PBA refused demands for lower training standards. Simply put - the government decided that the PBA's training standards were too demanding and not compatible with their profit-focussed business model.

For the vast majority of Private Sector Bodyguards & CPO's trained after 2005, the origins & standards of the PBA have been obscured from history by those who profit from present day regulation of the Private Security Industry.

The PBA still exists today, BUT... the trading name (Professional Bodyguard Association) was purchased by a commercial operation that immediately aligned with the new regulations & standards - which ultimately led to the prestige of the PBA being lost since 2005.

John Tombs and his team of PBA & SAS-CP Instructors disbanded and pursued projects outside the UK soon after this regulatory transition in 2004. A few years later, John passed away, but members of the original PBA Instructor Team still act as ambassadors for the original training program & operational standards of PBA-Trained Operatives & SAS Close Protection Teams.

The PBA ~ Diplomat Protection Group Connection


PBA & SAS-CP Trained Operatives came together under the Diplomat Protection Group® (DPG) - an umbrella organization for Top Level Bodyguards to collectively operate in the Private Sector around the Mediterranean coastline resorts.


The Mission: Maintain the PBA Legacy

  • DPG's management & team members maintain PBA standards & operational capabilities.

  • We see modern day threats through highly-trained eyes.

  • We are a gateway to Tier-1 Close Protection & Professional Bodyguards.

Politicians may have disregarded World-Class standards in favour of profitability... but Diplomat Protection Group understands that current threats, organized crime issues, political & religious friction requires a higher-level application of protection & intelligence capabilities.

  • Our clients continue to live enriched lives because we apply advanced concepts in protection & privacy.

  • We specialize in protecting clientele living or travelling in challenging environments.

  • We apply protection in a discrete & calm manner, where the clients sense of freedom is paramount for relaxing with family and guests.

Grey Men


Our group protects the highest-profile clientele, with genuine security and privacy concerns. Our clients aren't instantly recognizable, and they avoid drawing attention to themselves to enjoy a certain level of freedom & privacy.


When it comes to protecting this level of clientele, it's essential that their security team are not the 'Celebrity-Bodyguard' types... 'Instagram-Bodyguards' represent a risk to their clientele... identification by association!


Diplomat Protection Group's team members have spent decades adopting the 'Grey-Man' persona,  to avoid drawing attention to the people we protect.

"Not everyone needs this level of expertise... but if you have good reason to take your security & privacy seriously - we're here for you!"


Contact Diplomat Protection Group to discuss the the risks you are exposed to, and the solutions that we offer to maintain stability in your daily life:

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