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Concierge Ibiza: The Erosion of High-Quality Tourism in Ibiza

Ibiza is facing a significant threat to its "higher-quality tourism" goal due to the Island's "middleman-culture". This report argues that local concierge and middlemen prioritize profit over quality when recommending private services to VIP clients visiting Ibiza. This profit-centric approach is not only driving away highly skilled workers, but also exposes wealthy tourists to an underpaid workforce who might be engaging in illicit side-hustles to recover their losses to Ibiza's middlemen.


From a Security Perspective: the rise in villa robberies targeting wealthy tourists in Ibiza, could be attributed to the middlemen and concierge, choosing low-cost (ineffective) security services that allow for a more profitable business model - whilst failing to protect clients from local crime issues.

best concierge in Ibiza

Impact on Highly Skilled Workers:

Local concierge services, acting as intermediaries between clients and service providers, often retain a substantial portion (50%+) of the client's payment as their profit. This practice drives down the earning capacity for industry professionals, discouraging highly skilled workers from remaining in Ibiza. The exodus of freelance service experts has diminishes the overall quality of services available on the island.


Exposure to Underpaid Workers and Illicit Activities:

The middleman culture exposes clients to low-paid service providers who can be tempted to engage in illicit side-hustles to supplement their income. This not only compromises the integrity of professional service industries, but also poses a risk to the safety and well-being of the clients. Wealthy tourists paying a premium for exclusive services deserve transparency and access to genuine expertise, not hidden agendas and exposure to the negative elements that exist in Ibiza.

Crime Issues and Amateur Security:

Concierge services, driven by profit motives, often opt for the lowest-cost security providers, typically untrained and operating within the black market. Lacking an expert understanding of the risks their VIP clients face, and lacking the appetite to confront seasoned criminals - this compromises the safety of wealthy tourists visiting Ibiza, as they are exposed to inadequate security measures through their concierge or villa agent.


The rise in high-value villa robberies in Ibiza is closely aligned with the encouragement of low-cost security services. The widespread opinion within the criminal community is that villa security guards do not represent a robust defence against robberies - and do not serve as a deterrent. The probability of professional thieves coming face-to-face with equally formidable security personnel is very low in Ibiza.

Quality Discrepancy in Services:

The middleman culture in Ibiza creates an environment where wealthy tourists, seeking the very best services, are ironically receiving the lowest cost and lowest quality options. Greedy middlemen prioritize their profits over the satisfaction and safety of their clients. This will inevitably lead to a significant decline in high-quality tourism in Ibiza.


To elevate the quality of service received in Ibiza, wealthy tourists are encouraged to research and choose freelance service providers directly - bypassing concierge and middlemen. By doing so, clients can ensure transparency, professionalism, and access to the most skilled experts in the industry, ultimately contributing to a positive experience on the island. Additionally, local authorities should address the regulation of middleman services to prevent the erosion of Ibiza's reputation as a high-quality tourist destination.

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"Optional - Not Essential"

Top Tips To Do It Better Than A Concierge

If you're renting a luxury villa in Ibiza - confirm your dream property with your villa agent and consider your business with them concluded. Villa rental agents use the same business model as local concierge. Typically they are your first point of contact, and they will insist on offering access to 'the best services in Ibiza'... just like a concierge.

If you are a discerning traveller, you'll want to staff your villa with top professionals to pamper you and your guests. This may seem like a daunting and time-consuming process, but let us share an insider secret very few people appreciate:


1: Hire the right Chef


and they will bring on board high quality villa staff to complete the household team.

  • Top Chefs will have Top-Service-Staff they have vetted and consistently worked with for many years.

  • Your Chef will take care of selecting the right team and present the package as a single point of contact.

We highly recommend:

Chef Dunkley @ The Chef Ibiza


Now that your villa is fully staffed to care for you whilst you're here - you need to manage your entertainment & bookings. How do you get those highly-coveted reservations at your favourite beach clubs and restaurants? Who do you call to get that last-minute, premium table at Pacha?

Here's the second (and final) tip you'll ever need to turn your 'Super-Vacation' into a 'Mega-Vacation' in Ibiza:

2: Hire Top Level Security


As a VIP visitor to Ibiza - you should always ensure that you've taken steps to experience a problem & crime-free vacation.

  • Hiring a Personal Protection expert will not only help you avoid the negative elements that exist in Ibiza - it will bring preferential-access to everything that exists outside of your villa.

  • A Security Expert will organize and manage your private transportation requirements.

  • Your Bodyguard can also be your single point of contact for organizing your daily activities.

Contrary to widespread opinion - there ARE top level security professionals still living in Ibiza. Unaffected by the 'Cancel-Culture' of local concierge, a small group of Protection Experts continue to thrive in the local security industry.


Diplomat Protection Group have more than 26 years operational experience on the island. We handle Ibiza's highest-profile visitors; Globally-Significant Clientele who really take their security & privacy to another level. With such a long service history in Ibiza, we have developed the closest relationships with the islands most highly desirable venues, and with the most important and influential staff & managers at those venues! We'll manage your pre-arrival reservations, and handle the most complex, last-minute plans... all without sacrificing the levels of attention you are accustomed to. Even better - we do not charge for this premium level of assistance and access!

We are strong believers in

"Happy Clients are Predictable Clients


In the world of Professional Security, a stressed and unhappy client is more unpredictable. This unpredictability can unknowingly compromise the clients safety and privacy. That's why we are so heavily invested in having the right contacts and relationships to manage our clients lifestyle in-house.

Local Concierge find it frustrating that we have superior B2B relationships to cater for our clients desires. They're also frustrated that we offer this assistance for free - our list of contacts is highly-coveted by those who profit from such services!

As you can see - organizing a comprehensive, luxury vacation in Ibiza isn't as time-consuming and complicated as your Concierge would want you to believe. Three decisions is all that it takes:

  1. Choose and book your villa.

  2. Chose your Chef and leave them to create a full team of service staff.

  3. Book your Personal Security and leave your entertainment itinerary and transport to them.

Why Settle For A 'Super-Vacation' When A 'Mega-Vacation' Is What you Deserve!

diplomat protection group in Ibiza _edited.jpg
warning, do not hire security in Ibiza through middlemen

If you're not in direct contact with us,  you're not being protected by us!

Diplomat Protection Group® is the leading authority on private security services in Ibiza. Contacting us directly is the only way to be certain that you are being protected by our team.

Sadly, we continue to discover imposter, fakes & middlemen attempting to use our name & reputation for financial gain. 

To avoid any confusion:

  • Island-based Concierge / Middlemen are not authorised to accept bookings for services by Diplomat Protection Group®. Offshore concierge, clients or their P.A's are invited to contact us directly to hire our services.


  • We do not collaborate with any local business offering security services in Ibiza. Beware of others claiming to be members of our team or promoting themselves as our 'preferred-partners'.


  • Our security services can only be hired via our official contact channels:

(Spain +34) 626826042

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