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The Alarming Rise of Villa Burglaries in Ibiza, Spain
Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza

2023/24 The Alarming Rise of Villa Robberies - Burglaries in Ibiza

Ibiza is facing a growing threat that tarnishes its reputation as a haven for world-class partying & laid-back luxury – the surge in villa robberies.


As the island's popularity as a jet-set tourist destination continues to soar, so does the number of villa break-ins. Statistically this only effects around 5% of tourists visiting Ibiza - but it's leaving both local villa owners and visitors frustrated.

The allure of luxurious villas with private facilities and stunning locations has also made them prime targets for sophisticated gangs of thieves. High value robberies lead to sensational headlines in the media. Stories of successful villa burglaries circulate around the island - encouraging other criminals to focus on easy-target properties. Left unchecked, this could become a self-perpetuating issue.


Crime rates in Ibiza haven't increased significantly - it's a simple case of crime evolving and changing it's focus. Whilst villa robberies are on the rise, high-value street thefts in former 'hot-spots' have seen a decline. 


The laid-back atmosphere of the island can create a false sense of security, leading wealthy tourists to underestimate the risk of burglary in Ibiza. Villas are often nestled in secluded areas where response times to break-ins are longer, providing a low-risk opportunity for criminals to exploit the privacy and isolation of these locations, whilst guest are out enjoying the islands entertainment.

Local authorities and villa owners are grappling with this escalating issue, implementing enhanced security and urging villa clients to be more vigilant. Increased police patrols, and Hi-Tech alarm systems hoped to curtail the rising tide of burglaries, but organized crime gangs continue to exploit weaknesses in modern security processes, operating two or three steps ahead of these particular measures.

Black market security guards fail to prevent villa robberies in Ibiza

fake security ibiza

Inline with the significant rise in villa crime, there has also been a rapid growth of black market security services to capitalize on the concerns of wealthy tourists. Working together with local middlemen, amateur security workers are presented as highly-trained professionals, and priced as such by those who recommend villa security services to their clients.


Additional security can be a very profitable add-on service for the islands middleman industry - especially when they have access to low-cost manpower. This underpaid workforce have very little appetite for challenging the professional criminal gangs who target villas. The widespread opinion within the criminal community is that villa security guards do not represent a robust defence against sophisticated robberies - and do not serve as a deterrent. The probability of professional thieves coming face-to-face with equally formidable security personnel is very low in Ibiza.

Years of offering ineffective security measures has allowed criminal gangs to become EXPERTS at gaining access to properties that host wealthy guests.​ Concierge, rental agencies & villa owners have historically under-estimated this criminal expertise - employing ineffective security guard services for their clients.

Problem Solved?


Villa clients - previously exposed to ineffective security through intermediaries, are now turning to genuine, top-level security teams, and hiring them directly. The cost difference is as little as €5-€10 per hour ... but with no middlemen keeping 50% of the payment, the clients buying power now hires top-notch protection. By simply changing the way they engage private security services, and allowing these experts to implement effective measures - clients have eliminated the possibility of a successful robbery at their villa.


With only a handful of (genuine) security experts operating in the local industry - access to effective villa security is limited. Hiring ineffective security services only adds to the total cost of a successful burglary (security costs + stolen items). Those who fail to secure protection by genuine professionals have to consider what they can do themselves to mitigate the possibility of uninvited guests at their villa.

Tourists in general (wealthy or not) are advised to take simple precautions such as remembering to lock doors and windows, utilizing alarm systems, and storing valuables in secure locations before they head out to enjoy the beach clubs or nightlife. This advice may seem obvious, but more than 50% of villa robberies do not actually involve a forced-entry. Footage from villa security cameras often shows thieves checking doors and windows - discovering one or multiple points of entry left unlocked. Thieves who target viIlas capitalise on this common error. If your villa is robbed in this manner, your travel insurance will not cover your losses.


Raising awareness about this problem is crucial for encouraging a collective effort to protect the island's reputation. Current crime trends focus on a small percentage of visitors to Ibiza, but this problem is slowly showing signs of filtering down the ranks to unsophisticated thieves, who are less selective with their targets. Family homes, rental villas and hotel rooms of working class tourists are more frequently falling victim to this type of crime. If left unchecked - this type of robbery will no longer be an issue, exclusive to the super rich who visit the island.

In the face of this challenge, a united front involving residents, villa owners and visitors is essential to reverse the trend of villa burglaries in Ibiza. Only through widespread awareness and proactive measures, can the island protect its status as a haven of tranquillity.

Ibiza's villa robbery issue is not unique;


- it reflects the global challenge against widespread, organized crime. Tourist hotspots & major Cities worldwide grapple with sophisticated thefts due to the concentration of high-value targets. Similar trends in other destinations emphasize the need for Ibiza to accept that the island is no longer immune to growing levels of crime. Heightened levels of awareness, advanced security measures, and a deeper look into propheteering-networks is now required to protect both residents and tourists from this pervasive issue.

Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza
26 year security services in Ibiza

With more than 26 years continuous service in Ibiza, Diplomat Protection Group® are a leading authority on local crime trends - along with offering highly-effective security solutions to our clientele.

There is a misconception that we are grateful for the financial benefits that increased villa crime brings to our group... not so.



We are industry leaders in Personal Protection for At-Risk VIP's who take their security & privacy seriously. The rise in sophisticated villa burglaries, and the increased demand from our clients to divert our expertise to protecting properties they rent ... this limits our availability to protect other clients visiting the island.

If the demand for villa security ceased tomorrow - we could return to catering for more of our regular clientele, desperate to engage our Personal Protection services.


This is why we are so heavily invested in seeing local villa crimes come to an end!

Villa Security Service in Ibiza

no break-ins guaranteed

We are a team of Veteran Security Contractors based in Ibiza. Diplomat Protection Group® are the only private security team in Ibiza that offers a *GUARANTEE* of "No Break-ins" whilst our professionals are on duty at your villa!

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